pdLooking for great FREE resources to use with your volunteers, parents and youth advisors? Well, this is the place to start looking. Listed below are the Practice Discipleship Resources that are available to you for FREE. Enjoy!

All sessions listed below are a part of the Practice Discipleship Initiative and are free. Mouse over each box to see the titles available.

2016 – Wonder curriculum

2015 Story Curriculum

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Living in Stories

Story of Scripture

Story of Place and Displacement

Story of Adolescence

Story of Self and Other

Story of Faith Community

Story of Service

2014 Frame Curriculum

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Framing Life Biblically

Framing Youth

Framing Failure with Forgiveness

Framing Christian Community

Framing the Vision: Seeing Things New

Framing the Path: Practicing Things New

2013 Faith Formation in a Missional Age Curriculum

Click here for 2013 Curriculum

Overview Session

Inculturating the Gospel

If Necessary use Words

Dog Eating Chicken: Translating Faith

Walking Together in Solidarity

Theories of Culture

Going Public