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Linda Kaelke served as Director of Christian Education for several of our churches in the NC Synod. Upon her death, she left our synod with an endowment from her life insurance. This gift to our church has been providing funds for many years. Linda was instrumental in the establishment of LYNC (Lutheran Youth in NC) which is now known as LYO (Lutheran Youth Organization). She served as the first advisor to that organization. Thanks to Linda’s generosity, many youth groups have benefitted from these funds, used primarily to help fund mission trips.

Guidelines for use of Kaelke funds

  • No allocations will be made for more than a one year period. Groups may apply annually for mission trips.
  • Requests for funds for ongoing operating expenses will not be considered.
  • The Ministry team will determine the amount of monies to be reserved for emergency and/or unanticipated needs, with unused money allowed to accumulate from year to year.
  • All requests will be submitted by April 1.
  • Grants for the ELCA Youth Gathering are not accepted.
  • An end-of-year report will be made to the Ministry team by September 1.
  • Failure to submit the report may disqualify your group from the next cycle funds.

Kaelke Fund – St. James and Calvary

The youth ministry of St. James and Calvary Lutheran Churches would like to say Thank You very much for the generosity of the Kaelke Fund shared with our ministry.  This kindness provided several of our youth the opportunity to participate in either our Middle School Mission Trip or our Sr. High Mission Trip to Seymour, Tennessee.

While we were in the Seymour area, the youth ministry was able to make a great difference to those that we served.  The Middle School Youth removed an old deck that wasn’t stable and replaced it with a new deck that was a little larger than the previous one that they had. They also replaced a set of steps on the front deck, trimmed hedges, took care of a little landscaping and washed and cleaned the outside of the home.

The Sr. High Youth served at the home of an elderly gentlemen that needed a lot of sheet rock work done inside of his home due to a leaky roof.  The youth were able to accomplish the task given and completely applied two coats of paint on the outside of the home.  They caught up on some landscaping, grass cutting, built a well house and finished up on a deck that was in the process of being built.  As you can see, we were very busy but we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve others.

Thanks to the Kaelke Fund, every youth that wanted to participate was able to do so.  It was the generosity of this fund  that helped us all grow in our faith and relationship with each other while making a difference to others.

Thank you again for helping our ministry put our faith into action.

Mike Holt

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Kaelke Fund – Lenoir-Rhyne University

Thank you very much for you generous gift of $1000 for Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Costa Rica Maymester course.  Your gift helped fund an amazing weekend for my students and some of the youth leaders from the church in Costa Rica to laugh, learn, pray, and grow together at Centro Manu (a church camp, similar to our LutherRock).

Here are a few pictures from our visit.  In the picture in the left corner we were learning about the history of ox-carts in Costa Rica and visiting the factory where they are still made and hand-painted today!  The other two pictures are of our time, and with our friends, at Centro Manu.


Mindy Makant

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