The youth of St. Luke Lutheran in Taylorsville, NC joined again with our fellow youth from Taylorsville Presbyterian Church for our summer mission and service trip, this year to Morehead City, NC from July 15-21.  We departed to Morehead City 29 strong in total and eager to find what God had in store for us.  Our first project turned out to be a full week project.  We assisted a single Mom with four teenage boys with a small addition to her mobile home.  Her sons were all living in one bedroom together in this home and adding an additional bedroom would greatly help this family and these growing boys.  We set about linking a donated storage building to the mobile home structure.  This wasn’t easy work, as it required a great deal of ingenuity and engineering, but our youth worked diligently through the week.  We took the project to a near complete state – such that the incoming group coming the next week could finish our work and provide this much needed bedroom space for this family.  Needless to say, it was quite touching to get to know the family we were serving through the week and they were incredibly grateful.  We prayed together and they even wrote us after we returned home to share with us their deep appreciation!

A second team on our trip worked through the week to aid the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.  We helped to organize two of their local Restore locations and we installed siding on a new home they were building through a community builds grant.

The highlight of our mission trip week, however, came in each evening’s devotional time together.  We would gather as a whole group around scripture and song each night and process together where we saw God at work in that day.  It’s quite uplifting to hear youth speak of their interactions with God and how they saw God at work in themselves, one another and through their work.  Holy moments indeed!

We, the youth of St. Luke Lutheran would like to extend our gracious thanks to the Kaelke Fund for their generous support of our mission trip this last summer.  You helped make this entire ministry experience possible: helping us with transportation costs, and with food for the week, and needed worksite supplies, and we are very grateful!  Thank you Kaelke Fund!

With our deepest appreciation,

Pastor Andrew and the youth of St. Luke Lutheran, Taylorsville, NC