Leaders Learn Scholarships

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The first call about the new continuing education requirements for Rostered Ministers was a friend in a panic. “Tammy, I have no continuing education in my budget.” I’m afraid this person is not alone. The willingness to learn is there but the resources are few. We are now working on ways to meet this requirement creatively (read free to really cheap) but we need your help.

Your gift to our Leaders Learn Initiative will enable our Rostered Ministers to use their gift, develop new skills and have a choice of options to pick from.

Youth Scholarships

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The “Thank You” note came a week after LYO Assembly. The handwriting was a little hard to read but the sentiment was clear. “Your scholarship let me go to LYO.”

Each year we have 10-15 young people who are able to attend our events because of your generosity. Your gift of $100 will help send a youth to LYO. $60 sends three youth to YouthQuake. Each dollar goes directly into scholarships for our young people. Thank you in advance for your love and support of our children and youth.